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Teaching and Professional Materials Section

This section is devoted to my professional life as a political scientist (my curriculum vitae is here). It contains links to course materials, syllabi, a few articles, and some of my written work (published and otherwise).

The Study of Politics
American Politics: The Electoral Environment in the U.S. (PDF): The various election rules that affect the behavior of voters, candidates, and other players in US elections.

American Politics: General Voting Tendencies of U.S. Voters (PDF): A very general breakdown of how different (demographics, region, etc.) people tend to vote.

American Politics: Traditional & Modern Presidential Nominating Systems (PDF): Adopted from CQ Press, a side-by-side comparison of presidential candidate selesction in the traditional and modern eras.

American Politics: Former "Literacy" (Voting) Test from Alabama: An actual test administered to potential black voters in the early 1960s.

American Politics: Incumbency and Congressional Elections (PDF): The various ways incumbency advantages Congressional candidates in elections.

Comparative Politics: Politics in Four Advanced Industrial Democracies: Mainly for students of American government, basic differences in the political systems of France, Great Britain, Germany, and the US.

Comparative Politics: Presidential & Parliamentary Systems (PDF): Similar to above, some basic differences between basic regime types - again, very general.

Comparative Politics: Presidential Power (Presidential & Semi-presidential) (PDF): A breakdown of the differences and similarties in presidential power in "pure" presidential (like the US) and presidential-parliamentary (like France) systems.

Introduction to Game Theory: This short essay presents the basics of Game Theory, one of the more compelling ways to understand political behavior in some cases.

Polling: Some problems with the art and science of contrsucting (and thus, interpreting) polls.

University Learning, Research & Writing
How to Succeed in College: A compilation of suggestions designed for people who want to excel in college.

A Guide to Preparing an Academic Research Report: Several topics covered

APSA Style Abbreviated Guide (From Cal State Univ., Chico)

APA Style Abbreviated Guide (From Ohio State Univ.)

Chicago Style Abbreviated Guide

Guide to Writing a Literature Review (From UNC-Chapel Hill)

EARLY Research
"Party Politics in Armenia: A Primer": Occasional Paper, Center for Policy Analysis, American Univ. Armenia (2002)

"Presidential Power Unbound: A Comparative Look at Presidential Pardon Power" (with Mark Morris)